Reference line of KEF speakers

One of the longest, continuing lines of loudspeakers in the home audio market is KEF’s Reference Series of products.

A while ago, KEF announced the latest generation of speakers, including the company’s 12th-generation Uni-Q with Metamaterial Absorption Technology (MAT). Company KEF explains that through the use of MAT material, the Reference line of products is capable of absorbing 99% of unwanted noise to eliminate distortion to provide a purer, more natural acoustic performance.

In addition to MAT technology, the new line of speakers also uses drivers that incorporate large, vented magnet assemblies that are connected to large aluminum voice coils and damped alloy driver cones. These drivers are housed in the company’s rectilinear cabinet design that combines functionality and KEF’s latest industrial design.

The KEF Reference line is available in a choice of Reference 5 and Reference 3 floorstanding models; A stand-mount model, Reference 1, and a pair of LCR models, Reference 4 and Reference 2 speakers.

KEF adds that the speakers are available in a choice of three standard finishes: satin walnut with silver, high-gloss white and champagne, and high-gloss black and gray. In addition, KEF The Reference speaker is available in two special order finishes: high-gloss white with blue tint, and high-gloss black and copper.

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