Remote Work Policy: Financial platform T ide rolls out flexible work policy

Business finance platform Tide has rolled out a ‘Work Outside The Office Policy’ for its global workforce to encourage work-life balance among its employees and help them save time and money spent on commuting to the office.

Under the policy, employees will get unlimited in-country remote work and flexible out-of-country remote work for 90 days in a year.

The company is also simultaneously investing in revamping all its office spaces to organize social events regularly, intending to encourage team collaboration and in-person connection.

According to the 2022 Global Talent Trends study by Mercer, the pandemic highlighted the significance of a skills-based talent model and agile work design in developing the workforce of the future, revealing that 74% of employees will join an organization only if it offers hybrid or full-time remote work.

“As a global company that strives to cater to the diverse needs and lifestyles of our employees, giving employees the flexibility to choose the work environment that suits them is a no brainer. Whether that’s home-based to reduce commuting time, in one of our offices to collaborate with others face-to-face, overseas whilst visiting family, or a mix of all of these, it’s all about what works for them, “said Liza Haskell , chief administrative officer, Tide.


The company has 850+ employees in India, most based in its Hyderabad technology center. The firm is presently ramping up operations for a full-fledged launch in India early next year.


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