Sale purchase of MLAs: Amid Maharashtra political tussle, an old video of Jaspal Bhatti goes viral

Jaspal Bhatti satirised society with his hugely popular TV show “Flop Show” by presenting relatable jokes for the common man while addressing various issues prevalent in Indian society. It’s been more than three decades since that show was aired on TV but its content is timeless and very much relevant even today.

With the current Maharashtra MVA government locked in a tussle with around 40 Shiv Sena MLAs camping in Guwahati, Jaspal Bhatti’s old clip on ‘buying and selling MLAs’ has gone viral.

Mr. Bhatti’s video clip talks about the business of buying and selling MLAs. The video begins by showing Mr. Bhatti talking to someone over the phone and in the background, the company banner reads, “Sale purchase of MLAs”. The video shows Mr. Bhatti’s character as the owner of the firm which is in the MLA trading business. The scene opens with Mr. Bhatti speaking to a caller over the phone, with 2 worried politicians who have come to meet Mr. Bhatti, waiting.

Mr. Bhatti assures the caller that his request for 40 MLAs is being worked out and the job is progressing well. He tells his assistant to follow up and update him once those 40 MLAs are bought. Mr. Bhatti’s character then looks at the worried politicians who have come to meet him and realises that they need 3 MLAs only to come to power. He assures them that they need not to worry as he is good in this business.

The clip then shows Mr Bhatti’s character and the politicians finalising the “cost” per MLA, which is Rs 50 lakhs each. On being told that each MLA would cost them around Rs 50 lakh, the politicians look surprised but they agree to spend hefty amount to form the government. Mr. Bhatti assures the politicians that once they form the government they would recover their money within a few days.

The ending is fabulous and needs to be seen to be really enjoyed. The 2 MLAs who have come to purchase 3 MLAs realize in the end that their 40 MLAs have been purchased by the Opposition to form the government.

Twitter is going berserk over this age-old clip which has so much relevance even today. Famous personalities like Arundhati Roy too have been viewing and sharing this clip and like others missing Jaspal Bhatti “the visionary”.

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