Scarsdale schools treasurer says IRS fines were ‘no secret’ in office

The Scarsdale school board has reprimanded two administrators involved in the cover-up of $1.7 million in IRS penalties in the payroll-tax scandal that brought Superintendent Thomas Hagerman’s resignation in May.

In agreements approved by the board Tuesday, Assistant Superintendent Stuart Mattey and Treasurer Jeff Martin said they kept Hagerman informed of the issue, but neither reported the matter to the Board of Education as required by their duties.

In exchange for their acknowledgment of their involvement in the cover-up, the district agreed that it would not file disciplinary charges against them. Mattey may also have to take training in best practices for business officials.

Martin was glad that the agreement included the fact that he kept Hagerman informed about the IRS issue.

“That was the nicest part of the agreement,” said Martin, 55, who will retire this fall after 26 years in Scarsdale. “It tells the truth. I had no idea the superintendent didn’t tell the school board.”

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