SFI demands suspension of HM, warden of Kinnerasani Ashram Sports School


Published: Published Date – 07:37 PM, Fri – 23 September 22

Kothagudem: SFI demands suspension of HM, warden of Kinnerasani Ashram Sports School

Kothagudem: The district committee of the Students Federation of India (SFI) has demanded the suspension of the headmaster and warden of Kinnerasani Ashram Sports School.

SFI district secretary Burra Veerabhadram told the media here on Friday that he along with SFI town secretary Naga Krishna, president Ram Charan and others had on Wednesday interacted with the school’s students, who complained they were being served mutton only once in a month despite the government making it mandatory to serve mutton once a week. The HM and warden had allegedly embezzled funds by submitting fake bills and claiming that mutton was served every week, they said, adding that food cooked in the afternoon was being served for dinner. Rotten vegetables were being used for curries while the mineral water tank was rarely cleaned, Veerabhadram said, adding that the HM and sports teacher also threatened the students for reporting their problems to the SFI team.

The students were also not given notebooks, shoes, uniforms and blankets in sufficient quantity. Although 25 notebooks were supposed to be given, only 16 were given. There were irregularities in the purchase of sports material also, he alleged.


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