Shootings at Asian-run businesses in Dallas may be linked

Dallas’ police chief says a shooting that injured three women in a hair salon in the city’s Koreatown might have been a hate crime

DALLAS – Dallas’ police chief said Friday that a shooting that injured three women in a hair salon in the city’s Koreatown might have been a hate crime as he announced that it could be connected to two other shootings at Asian-run businesses.

Chief Eddie Garcia had previously said police did not have any indication the shooting Wednesday at Hair World Salon was motivated by hate, but he said changed as of Friday afternoon.

Authorities are still searching for a man dressed all in black who opened fire at the salon, then drove off in a maroon minivan. Garcia said investigators found that a similar vehicle was reported to be involved in two other recent shootings, including an April 2 drive-by at the shopping center where the salon is located. No one was injured in either of those shootings.

“We are turning to every resident of the city of Dallas to keep an eye out and safeguard our city,” Garcia said. “Hate has no place here.”

“We need to get this person in custody,” Garcia said.

He said the vehicle was also linked to a drive-by shooting on Tuesday at Asian-run businesses about 25 miles (40 kilometers) southeast of the shopping center where Wednesday’s shooting happened.

Garcia said police would be increasing patrols, and they were reaching out to other police departments in North Texas to see if there have been any similar incidents in their area. He said Dallas police have also reached out to the FBI to let them know of the possible connection.

The three women who were shot at the salon were taken to a hospital with injuries that weren’t life-threatening.

The daughter of one of the injured women said her mother told her that the man, whom she did not recognize, calmly walked in, opened fire and left.


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