Significant Gender Pay Gap Remains for NCAA Referees, per Report

Men’s and women’s NCAA basketball referees were paid equally at this year’s March Madness tournaments. While this remains a big milestone for the sport and pay equality, referees across NCAA sports are still not paid equally throughout the regular season.

The Associated Press released a study Friday regarding the NCAA referee pay gap. Fifteen of the largest college conferences paid their male referees on average 22% more than female referees in 2021-22, according to the study.

When looking at how much male referees earn as opposed to female referees per game, the difference is around a few hundred dollars. Over the course of a season, though, that difference can add up to thousands of dollars. Of course, that difference is not huge to large organizations like the NCAA, which spent an extra $100,000 to equally pay their referees this year for its basketball tournaments.


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