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A new statue commemorating an alum’s contributions to the Kansas Memorial Union was unveiled Friday.

Since the beginning of the semester, students have been speculating about the contents of a blue egg with a red banner that cryptically read “Hatching September 23.”


“I thought it was going to be a new mascot or a new logo,” said Makenna Carpenter, an architectural engineering student from Arvada, Colorado. “There were so many rumors going around.”

Instead, it was the vision of a long-time university benefactor brought to life.

Chloe Anderson/Lawrence Times

The statue features three small Jayhawks, shadowed by a larger one. It was designed by longtime KU benefactor James Ascher Sr., who died in February.

Union Director David Mucci kicked off the event by introducing the Ascher family. The statue commemorates James Ascher’s generosity, legacy and love for KU, Mucci said.

Chloe Anderson/Lawrence Times

Hundreds gathered outside the union for the “hatching” on Friday afternoon.

The Ascher Plaza was named after James Ascher Sr. after his donation in 2019 allowed the university to install six bronze Jayhawks that sit outside the Union.

“This is truly the Ascher Family Plaza today as the Aschers are here with us,” Mucci said as he opened the unveiling ceremony.

Chloe Anderson/Lawrence Times

“It came to him in a dream,” Mucci said of the statue. “A rebirth of the Jayhawks in a new home.”

Baby Jay, not one to let anyone else steal the spotlight, also made an appearance.

Chloe Anderson/Lawrence Times

Kyra Sweeny, Ascher’s 15-month-old granddaughter, wanted to get a closer look at her grandfather’s vision brought to life.

Chloe Anderson/Lawrence Times
Chloe Anderson/Lawrence Times

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Chloe Anderson (she/her), a contributor to The Lawrence Times, is a senior at the University of Kansas majoring in film and media production and minoring in journalism. She’s a freelance photographer, writer for Climbing magazine and the associate multimedia editor for The University Daily Kansan.

You can view her portfolio, articles and commissioned work here. Read more of her work for the Times here.

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