‘Special One’ comment now ancient history, says Roma boss Mourinho ahead of Conference League final

Jose Mourinho says his nickname as the Special One does not make any sense anymore and dismissed it as “ancient history”.

Mourinho became known as the Special One after his first press conference as Chelsea manager.

The Portuguese coach took the job after winning the Champions League with Porto and declared to the media that he was a European champion and “a special one”.

What did Mourinho say about his nickname?

The Roma boss says that he has grown past that title, saying at a press conference: “The Special One story does not make any sense. It’s something that was said at the beginning of my career.

“But, as you progress, you grow and you think more about helping others rather than yourself.

“So that’s ancient history for me. Tomorrow I’ll just try to help others.”

Mourinho targets another European trophy

Roma take on Feyenoord on Wednesday to contest the first ever Europa Conference League final.

Mourinho has already won the Champions League, UEFA Cup and Europa League across his spells at Porto, Chelsea and Manchester United.

He could claim a fourth European trophy with as many teams if his side are successful in Tirana.

“The finals are 50-50 but we will do our best to bring it to 51-49 for us,” he told Sky Sports.

“It has to happen during the match, not before. The work leading up to the final over several months is the basis for those 90 or 120 minutes.

“It’s the players’ day, we’re just there to give a little help. So far I’ve been lucky by winning all my European finals: my players have given their best in the finals we have reached.”

He added at his press conference: “We have reached the end of this season’s journey: the first championship final gave us what we deserved, it was our target or the Europa League.

“That final did not write history, but ended the work of a season. This final, on the other hand, is history, Roma returns to it after many years: when you get there you have to do everything possible to write history.”

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