Spotlight Initiative Civil Society Global Reference Group (GRG) calls for membership

Closing date: November 14, 2022

Apply to join the Spotlight Initiative Civil Society Global Reference Group. The Spotlight Initiative’s Civil Society Global Reference Group (GRG) has 20 diverse members, selected by a civil society-led selection committee. At this time, there are four (4) available seats in the Global Reference Group that need to be filled.

This is an open call for non-governmental organizations, women’s rights organizations and especially feminist grassroots organizations working in the EVAWG who wish to be part of the GRG. They are particularly looking for geographic representation from the Central Asian and MENA region, the Pacific, the European region and those who are part of marginalized populations and working on disability rights, LGBTIQ+ rights and indigenous peoples’ rights.


Members are expected to offer 1-3 hours per month and attend 2 meetings and one group retreat per year to fulfill GRG’s agreed responsibilities:

  • Advise on the overall strategic direction of the Spotlight Initiative and cutting-edge global policy issues related to the elimination of VAWG and HP in the context of local, regional and global women’s movement needs.
  • Provide advice and perspective on current prevention, elimination and resolution of VAWG and HP-related issues where support for Spotlight Initiatives, leadership and support for civil society, such as regional and local women’s movements, and cross-cutting all Spotlight pillars are important. .
  • Encourage meaningful participation with reference to the needs of local, regional and global women’s movements and support the visibility and dissemination of initiative goals, including high-level advocacy and communication, as well as providing support and advice as a full and equal partner in political dialogue. As appropriate at the global level.
  • Support the inclusiveness of women’s movement perspectives in efforts to spread the messages of VAWG and HP’s Spotlight Initiative to the public, from the global to the community level, particularly to marginalized and vulnerable groups, and in relevant media.
  • Provide recommendations to the Governing Body and the Operational Steering Committee on the implementation of the Spotlight Initiative following a common procedure and scripted annual report prepared by the CS-GRG where each of its members serves as a focal point for one or two countries. National and regional reference groups for data collection and monitoring purposes.
  • The CS-GRG will have a close working relationship with the Secretariat of the Spotlight Initiative to ensure its systematic engagement in providing advice and programming information to address VAWG, including marginalized and vulnerable groups facing multiple and intersecting inequalities, which is critical to Agenda 2030- Responding to its ‘leaving no one behind’ is imperative.


Non-governmental organizations, women’s rights organizations and especially feminist grassroots organizations working on the EVAWG are open to those who wish to be part of the GRG.

The Selection Committee will specifically focus on two main criteria:

  • Experience in national or global feminist advocacy on women’s rights issues, including VAWG and/or policy formulation issues.
  • Experience working with women’s rights movements in feminist and/or grassroots organizing and organizing to prevent and eliminate all VAWG.


To apply, submit the following materials by November 14, 2022:

  • Resume CV;
  • cover letter;
  • Three professional and community references (candidates will be notified prior to any outreach to their references).

Email the materials [email protected] And [email protected] with “Spotlight Global Reference Group Membership Application – [NAME]” in the subject line. Submit PDF or Microsoft Word files only, preferably with all materials in one combined file. Resume review begins after the deadline and only selected applicants will be contacted for an interview.

For more information, visit Call GRG for members.

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