Stansbury is hosting a preseason Appreciative Student Contest

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) – All WKU students were invited to men’s basketball head coach Rick Stansbury’s home Thursday for a preseason student appreciation meeting.

Food was served by the players, there was a live DJ, and meeting and time with the team reigned supreme

WKU sophomore Mia Morales said, “As you can see, I’ve only been to it once because I’m a sophomore, and I feel like it was a really good turnout. There are many people here. A lot of people look happy and like it.”

Students were given the opportunity to go out and enjoy an exclusive experience.

Cole Nash, a freshman at WKU, said, “It was really unique. I was just sitting here thinking about how I couldn’t imagine at any other college having this opportunity to meet and be so up close and personal with D1 players and have them serve you food and stuff. It was really unique and it was a good time.”

This is the first time since COVID-19. Head coach Rick Stansberry opened this year’s meet to all of WKU and says it’s an opportunity to give back to those who support them.

“I think most, most people who attend this have the opportunity to let the players serve them, and that’s a special thing. Most people who have ever come have always enjoyed it, and again, this is an opportunity for us to say thank you to all the cheerleaders, students, cheer groups, dancers. All those people who work for us, it’s an opportunity for us to serve them and say thank you, and we can’t do it without you,” Stansbury said.

The Hilltoppers will return to action on Saturday, Nov. 5 in the second exhibition game against Georgetown College.

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