Student Coin releases a new technical book and video explaining the STC ecosystem

WARSAW, Poland, November 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Inc November 3, Student coin released an updated version white paper. The document covers all changes in the ecosystem and outlines the company’s overall approach to long-term development. The white paper was delivered with issue a video guiding the community through all changes and providing an in-depth explanation of STC’s vision and mission.

Two key aspects: business and education

The presented formats define two key directions, which will be affected by all the steps of the NTC in the near future. The business aspect consists of actions aimed at increasing R&D TokenThe fundamental value of art. The educational part of Student Coin will be realized by large-scale training of the blockchain industry by creation Educational panel of NTC. This approach is driven by maintaining loyalty to core ideas, increasing brand awareness, and attracting new users.

Thanks to a well-organized financial strategy, the approach used should guarantee each member of the community the dedication of the team and a strong focus on ensuring the value of the project.

What’s new?

The released Student Coin document reports on the creation STC.XYZ Business and Finance Group and Division. STC.XYZ will be the primary organization that will manage every activity that affects the fundamental value of STC Token. By keeping the values ​​of low risk and non-speculative attitude as a holding, it will protect funds and protect against the effects of recession and crisis in crypto market. It will play a significant role in voting and providing STC DAO.

Products and key partners

The STC white paper highlights the role of each project involved in the ecosystem and reports on its current shape and future roadmap. It emphasizes the STC wallet as the focal point of STC Token Management as well as the essence of providing DAO Votings bonuses. Presenting the status of its core products, the document includes a section dedicated to describing how the company’s key partner – Logiumalso how Currency paper and other divisions of NTK, fit into his vision.

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