Students learn about higher education and financial aid opportunities at College Night

GOLETA, Calif. – The first of the pandemic, the Santa Barbara School District has established an in-person College Night.

The event took place at High Dos Pueblos in Goleta on Wednesday evening.

More than 525 students left the country.

At the gymnasium, students had the opportunity to meet representatives from 80 colleges and universities, including those from the Central Coast and several from across the state.

Marysville University of St. Louis representative Dennis Jones offered his number one tip.

“Be yourself in the application process, you know, if an interview or an essay is required, talk about yourself and maybe why you see yourself as a good fit at a certain university,” said Jones.

Both of Jones’ daughters go to Marysville and while they are away at school, she works with dozens of college fairs. said one of them as he was held in Hawaii.

Students including Dos Pueblos High School senior Conor Dolan did their best to make a good impression.

“I came to talk to the counselors I really want to put my name out there to make sure they know I’m interested in hearing from all the schools,” Dolan said.

Dolan said he already knew he wanted to study journalism.

He is part of the News Dos Pueblos team.

Some academics wore their school colors.

Dos Pueblos Principal William Woodard attended the University of California, Los Angeles, and wore his alma mater’s shirt to school.

“We wear college gear every Wednesday, and that kind of pumps it up, and today is the perfect day to do what’s going on this beautiful.”

In a much quieter audience he learns about the application process in which the Common App. (

A Financial Aid Workshop was held in the library where families had the opportunity to begin filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid known as the FAFSA. (

Many of the college and university administrators said they will be heading to another college night on Thursday like this one.

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