Tatiana Maslany’s funniest moment in the She-Hulk finale was a meta reference to a piece of merchandise

To be completely honest, we’re all still kind of reeling from it That’s bonkers She-Hulk the endWhere Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) breaks through the fourth wall so far, she comes face-to-face at Marvel Studios headquarters. The “real” president of the MCU. It was an appropriately meta ending to a series that relentlessly poked fun at itself and had its main character comment on events in real time, as did his cousin Bryce Banner (Mark Ruffalo). Introduced a new character In the last minute of the final. There’s also a moment in the finale that still makes me laugh every time I watch it, and when I got a chance to Maslany about it, he explained that even that moment was a meta reference aimed at most of the cast and crew.

It goes without saying that Tatiana Maslany was delightful as Jane Walters, and even if all the humor She-Hulk Didn’t land with me in every episode, I personally love Maslany’s complete lack of ego and willingness to try anything in search of a punchline. During a pivotal confrontation with Kevin in the finale, Walters played every Marvel fan when he asked the omniscient brain when we’re getting the X-Men on screen. Then, he made this incredible face:

Tatiana Maslany as Jane Walters

(Image credit: Marvel Studios)

It seemed like an unusual choice. But Tatiana Maslany actually had a very specific reason for making that hysterical face when she looked directly into the camera after quizzing Kevin about the future of mutants in the MCU, e.g. he told CinemaBlend:

I love that (scene) writing, I love it so much. It is ‘inside Jane’s brain’. But also, that moment for me – Jessica Gao’s husband, Truck (Torrance), is an artist who made She-Hulk hats. And one of them is like this face (makes face). And it came out right at that moment! Because he made these hats … so it was this beautiful kind of, again, another meta element of this whole show.

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