The Bears could cite the new Titans Stadium for Arlington Heights plans

The Tennessee Titans have reached an agreement with Nashville Mayor John Cooper to leave Nissan Stadium and build a new stadium, according to Axios.

Likewise, the Bears are looking to leave Soldier Field to build a stadium of their own. The Titans also leased Nissan Stadium, as did the Bears with Soldier Field.

Here are some takeaways the Bears can analyze from the Titan Stadium deal:


The Titans paid rent to play at Nissan Stadium – a cost they no longer charge for books.

Bears similarly hire soldiers to play on the field. Like the Titans, the Bears are trying to avoid rental costs by building a new stadium to call their own.

The Titans will pay $1.7 billion over the next 17 years to cover the cost of getting out of their lease with Nissan Stadium. It’s estimated that the Bears will have to pay around $84 million to exit their lease – if they leave after 2026.

That’s a fraction of what the Titans cost, which makes the Bears’ departure even more sensible.

Cost of the stadium

The new stadium for the Titans is estimated to cost $2.2 billion, about the same as the Raiders paid to build Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas.

Titan is expected to bring in $800 million in private investment. They will use $500 million in bonds from the state and tax money for the rest. Businesses around the stadium will be taxed a percentage of hotel room rent, including sales tax.

This is where things get tough for the Bears. The Titans are using a lot of public money like the Raiders, which is usually not beneficial.

The Bears have already said they want to use public funding only for infrastructure, not for a stadium or any buildings. This is very important because overspending of government money can sink a city.

Event hosting

The Titans are now able to host events in their new stadium because their plans include a dome.

These events include the Super Bowl, NCAA Tournament, concert tours, etc.

This is one of the biggest issues the Bears have with Soldier Field. Because the Bears charge rent and this is an open-air stadium, the Bears cannot make a profit by hosting events

A new stadium would give the Bears the freedom to own and operate their own venue and maximize profitability from the stadium.

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