The Cybertruck and other Tesla references have been on The Simpsons throughout the years

Tesla's Cybertruck featured in The Simpsons

The Simpsons, one of the longest-running TV shows of all time, has some epic cars in Springfield; Now Tesla is on that elite list. The Cybertruck and the Model X appeared in The Simpsons’ Halloween special this past weekend. Teslas now join the Canyonero, which smells like steak and seats 35, the Canyonero Hybrid, which gets 11 miles to the gallon, and the Homer, a car designed by Homer Simpson, as the classic Simpsons ride.

A version of Westworld in Treehouse of Horror XXXIII features the animated family in which amusement park workers use a cybertruck to transport malfunctioning robots to a repair facility. Monorail Homer gets stuck in a catchphrase loop and the humanoid robot flicks a switch on his nose to stop. He was then thrown into the back of a cybertruck.

Tesla's Cybertruck featured in The Simpsons

Interesting placement of killswitches; Elon Musk said that Optimus, Tesla’s humanoid robot, will have a switch to turn off the unit. So it could be up to Optimus’ nose.

Tesla’s time in Springfield continues in the next episode, Not It. The show features a humorous take on Stephen King’s IT, and a white Model X appears on screen for just a few seconds. The car belongs to Comic Book Guy, who is married to Marge. This may be the second time Model X has appeared on The Simpsons. In episode 716, released in December 2021, Fit-Fat Tony becomes Maggie’s godfather and leases the Simpsons a “Luxus” SUV. Bart is later seen playing with the Falcon Doors.

Model X opens its Falcon door and hits Bart Simpson

The Tesla Roadster has also appeared in The Simpsons. In the fifth episode of season 32, a red roadster is parked in front of Leonardo DiCaprio’s mansion. There was one obvious flaw though, the car was plugged in right. The Model S was also at the show. Mr Burns has a Model S which he charges to avoid electricity bills at Richard Branson’s house. Krusty the Clown also has a Model S. He uses autopilot to hang out the window and attack Homer.

Mr. Barnes charging his Model S

Who can forget the episode The Mask Who Fell to Earth? The Tesla CEO voices himself during the season 26 episode where he lands in Homer’s backyard and the two become fast friends. Bart and Lisa go for a joyride in Elon’s car using the password MUSKRULEZ to disable FSD. However, the show takes a turn when Mr. Barnes plans to kill Musk.

The Simpsons is notorious for predicting the future, so now that the Cybertruck has been spotted on the streets of Springfield, it must be coming to the real world soon.

Psychiatrist armed with Tesla merchandise

Kent Brockman, news reporter from The Simpsons, uses Tesla’s Summon feature to call his Tesla.

Kent Brockman summoned his Tesla
Tesla engineers have been asked to help on Twitter

You can’t blame Elon Musk for getting some help from his most trusted Tesla engineers. Musk, who took over Twitter a few days ago, has been blasted with everything from fake news to a flurry of complaints about people leaving the platform. In fact, he changed his Twitter handle to Twitter Complaint Hotline Operator.

CNBC, which erroneously reported The workers were fired last week, saying Musk is using Tesla employees to help overhaul the social media giant. CNBC paints the story as Tesla employees being forced to help out while existing Twitter workers are forced to work long hours amid heavy scrutiny. The truth is hard to know.

However, some observers believe that Musk is spreading himself and his team too thin and that Twitter is taking attention away from Tesla. Musk was asked about the takeover during a stakeholder meeting over the summer, and he spoke of concerns about a divided focus. “I’m not leaving (Tesla), to be clear,” he said. “In the case of Twitter, I use it a lot, shoot myself in the foot a lot, dig my grave, etc. I understand the product pretty well, so I think I have a good idea of ​​where to direct the engineering team. Twitter is radically more to do well.”

The media outlet has unnamed sources who claimed to be Twitter and Tesla employees, speaking of a tough work environment as engineers spend long days reviewing code. There is no doubt that there is a lot going on on Twitter these days as Musk has promised a significant overhaul of the platform. He also clarified that the system will allow free speech and reduce the number of bots that can curtail opinions.

Musk too Unveiled some information He seemed to back up his concerns when he announced he was walking away from the deal in the summer. The messages included “fraudulent metrics” and “trying to hide the ball.” With Musk’s not-so-clear take-over route, it’s smart for him to bring in his trusted engineers, Autopilot director Ashok Eluswami and other high-profile Tesla members. He is also getting help from contacts he made during his PayPal days.

Tesla’s CEO has been a magnet for many bright minds coming to work. On the third-quarter earnings call, he said Tesla’s AI Day was a success and that the hiring event created a significant bump in resumes. Musk made his company attractive by encouraging people to work at Tesla or SpaceX. Now, he can add Twitter to the list of places his employees can choose to work.

Now that FSD 10.69.3 is rolling out, Tesla may have more time to get Twitter on track. Musk has big plans for the social media platform. He says he knows what to do with Twitter and that it will be useful to the world. However, how long it will take is yet to be determined.

Tesla has started releasing FSD beta 10.69.3 to employees

This might be the most anticipated software update in recent years. Finally, weeks after Elon Musk tweeted that the full self-driving beta 10.69.3 would arrive “next week,” it began appearing on Halloween night. Just before midnight on the West Coast @holmersblog FSD tweeted images of the beta 10.69.3 release notes as they appeared on Tesla employee screens. That’s right, pictures, plural, because it took three screenshots to collect all the FSD enhancements packed into this update.

FSD beta 10.69.3 is the 2022.36.15 update, which means it also includes all the features of Tesla’s 2022.36 update, including popular features like Tesla’s new Energy app, cabin overheat protection, and more.

It doesn’t take much reading to understand why Tesla’s CEO is hyping what he refers to as a “major update.” Several members of the Autopilot team explained the improvements at AI Day 2022 It’s worth a look to understand how complex the system is and all the work that goes into it

Many bullet points from the release notes indicate improvements ranging from 6 percent to more than 50 percent, even reducing a system’s runtime by 80 percent. These are incredible achievements for an already highly advanced platform.

Although it was controversial, Tesla’s numbers seem to back up why it ditched the ultrasonic sensors and now relies on cameras, also known as Tesla Vision. An update of the photon counting video stream object detection network indicates a special emphasis on low visibility.

The Vulnerable Road Users (VRU) architecture, which includes pedestrians, cyclists and people on motorcycles, has a 20 percent improved accuracy. In addition, there is a two-stage VRU velocity network to adjust how the car responds to pedestrian crossings. The system reduces false slowdowns near crosswalks by better predicting pedestrian movements.

Vector Lane, which was first introduced a year ago, has also been overhauled. According to the note, it improved “lane accuracy by 9.2 percent, lane recall by 18.7 percent and fork recall by 51.1 percent.” Additionally, there’s a new road marking module to assist with intersections and a “complete network update where all components were retrained with 3.8 times the data.”

Summarizing the notes on the car’s handling, the FSD will provide a smoother ride, with less “unnatural slowness” thanks to its advanced trajectory system and quick decision-making.

When Tesla raised the price of the FSD in September, Musk said it would soon be worth more. The CEO also said the program will prove to regulators that it’s safer than human driving, potentially saving thousands of people from injury or death, as Musk had hoped. It is expected that this release will go to about a thousand testers and then rapidly expand if no issues are detected.

Musk also promised that every FSD customer will have access to the program by the end of the year.

Not only is this a huge update regarding FSD, it also includes many features that were previously unavailable to FSD beta testers as they are still on one of the 2022.20 updates.

Other features in this update

Once FSD beta testers receive this update, they will gain access to several new features that were previously included in updates 2022.24, 2022.28 and most recently 2022.36.

Shakti App

Tesla's new Energy app that will be available in 2022.36

These features include the new Energy app (video), which displays the car’s energy use in individual components, allowing you to easily see how much energy is being used by the climate system, driving and more.

Alternative route

Alternative Routes will now display up to three routes for each destination added to the car’s navigation system. This will give you more control over the route the car takes.

Cabin overheat protection

The long-awaited feature that lets you customize the cabin overheat protection temperature is also included in this update. You will be able to choose from three different temperature settings at which the COP activates.

Installation of blind spot cameras

One of the more exciting updates in recent times is the enhancement of the blind spot camera feature (video). On Model 3s and Model Ys, you’ll now be able to choose from three positions for the blind spot camera.

The Tesla app

Tesla is adding song titles and artist information to the mobile app

The Tesla app was recently updated to include additional features, though many of these features require a new vehicle update, meaning existing beta testers don’t have access to them. However, with the latest FSD beta, you now get access to features like the ability to see the car’s destination and ETA in the app, as well as details on the music currently playing. You may also be able to open the driver’s door on a Model 3 or Model Y if the door handle is frozen.

Minimize the Tesla Theater

Another big feature included in this update is that you’ll now be able to minimize Tesla Theater (video) while adjusting vehicle controls instead of exiting the video streaming app entirely. When watching a video in full screen, you’ll be able to tap the top of the screen to reveal a minimize button that you can press to access vehicle controls and menus.

Tesla Cloud Profile

In the 2022.24 update Tesla introduced Cloud Profiles which stores your car profiles in the cloud. This is especially useful if you own multiple Teslas or are leasing a Tesla in the future. You will now be able to carry your vehicle settings and profiles from one vehicle to another

Car left open notification

Tesla recently updated the notifications you’ll get when the car is parked. You can now choose to receive an alert if the car doors are unlocked for a certain period of time.

Documented changes

In addition to all the documented features in this update, there is also an extensive list of undocumented changes that never made it into the release notes.

One of the most interesting is that Tesla will now display suggested destinations when you tap the navigate box. Destinations at the top will be suggestions that will change depending on your location, time of day, history and user profile

Other undocumented changes include the ability to view tire pressure data in the Services tab even when the car is parked, improvements to vehicle alerts and homelinks, and the ability to uninstall games.

The list of features and enhancements included in this update is huge. To see a complete list of all changes, see the release notes for this update.


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