‘Titanic’ reference lurks in ‘The Way of Water’ trailer

Its official trailer Avatar: The Way of Water A reference appears to be hidden the titanicAccording to eagle-eyed fans.

Director James Cameron returns for the second film in the fantasy franchise, and several users on Reddit have noticed parallels to the filmmaker’s 1997 smash hit, the titanic.

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A person on Reddit shared a picture of Kate Winslet as Rose Dawson the titanic Along with a screenshot from the new avatar trailer and wrote, “Just putting it here.”

Another fan joked “It’s almost like they’re both directed by the same guy…” while a third added: “Enjoy. Same director of photography Russell Carpenter the titanic And avatar Two. So aesthetically similar.”

One person praised Cameron’s guidance the titanic Better than new avatar movie

“Every time I see it the titanic (which every few years) I never cease to be amazed at how incredible the cinematography and shot composition is,” they wrote. “I’m on that ship because it’s sinking. It’s such an immersive (no pun intended) experience. The the titanic The vibe of this new trailer has me thrilled.

“Cameron has captured some of the most pristine-looking images in Western cinema. And I’m dying serious.”

An official summary for Avatar: The Way of Water Read: “Jack Sully lives with his new family on the planet Pandora. After a familiar threat returns to finish what was previously started, Jack must work with the Netiri and the Na’vi nation’s army to protect their planet.”

Avatar: The Way of Water It will be released in theaters on December 16.

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