Transimpedance amplifier enables 50-Gbps PAM4 5G deployments

Semtech announced the production of the GN1700 linear transimpedance amplifier (TIA) for emerging 50-Gbps PAM4 5G front and mid haul deployments. Intended for use with 50-Gbps SFP56 PAM4 5G wireless optical modules, the GN1700 can be paired with the company’s Tri-Edge GN2255 and GN2256 bidirectional clock data recovery (CDR) ICs with integrated drivers for optimized performance.

Semtech reports that 50-Gbps PAM4 architectures will be used to enable 5G deployments, such as 64T64R massive MIMO-based macro base stations and mmWave small base stations. IC technology that enables optical fiber communication in these deployments is a critical part of the network enabling the wired backbone of this architecture.

“With the production of our FiberEdge GN1700 and Tri-Edge 5G portfolio, including GN2255 and GN2256, our customers can now enable successful pilot qualifications for 50-Gbps PAM4 systems,” said Raza Khan, senior market manager for Semtech’s Signal Integrity Products Group. “This is a great milestone and a testament to Semtech’s on-time execution on our innovative product offerings.”

Datasheets for Semtech’s signal integrity products are available by creating an online account.

GN1700 product page


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