UK Woman Falls Face-first at Daughter’s Sports Day, Ends Up Mooning the Crowd

A woman in England mooned a crowd at her daughter’s sports day event after she tripped over during a parents’ race. The footage of the incident is doing the rounds on social media. In the video the woman could be seen starting off the sprint along with fellow parents while the kids watched the race. Moments later we see that Katie Hannaford was left mortified after she tripped and her dress slid off toward her shoulders leaving her bottom exposed. The 36-year-old woman quickly covered herself while the kids, teachers, and other people in the crowd were quite shocked.

The incident took place at Basildon in Essex, UK. It was Katie’s eight-year-old daughter convinced her to participate in the run. We are not sure how the daughter feels after the incident that has become the talking point.

After the video attracted attention, Katie shared her piece of mind. Speaking to LadBible she said, “I just tripped over my own feet, I think my body was just moving too fast for my legs! I’m so clumsy, I’m always falling over. “

Sharing her initial reaction, Katie said that she felt “humiliated at the time” but with time she has made peace with it. She accepts that although she flashed her underwear which is obviously embarrassing but she has decided to own it.

Katie goes on to describe the incident as “hilarious” and told said that it was “definitely the funniest thing” she has ever done in her life.

Before others could take a dig at the video, Katie owned up to it and shared it on Facebook with a caption that read, “When the kids got more at sports day than they were expecting! Haha If you can not laugh at yourself then what’s life about? Sorry kiddo’s and anyone else watching. “

A comment on Katie’s post read, “You’re such a good sport Katie. I’m feeling for you though. You made the National news in Australia. ”

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