UNM to celebrate the Act of Higher Education first generation students Nov. 8: UNM Newsroom

A historic celebration is coming not only to the University of New Mexico, but to the entire country on November 8.

This is the 55th anniversary Higher Education Act, legislation signed into law by former President Lyndon Johnson. Congress proposed in 1965 that higher education was no longer a luxury but a necessity for all. This act increased federal funds given to universities, created study schools, provided affordable student loans, and established the National Teacher Corps.

It was also where the term ‘first-generation’ was coined, as many low-income adults could now afford university for the first time in their family’s history.

The act was reaffirmed or re-enacted every year until 2013, when it was reformed and renamed.

Today, first-generation students do third from college students in the US Most students At an average age of about 23, However the number ‘Z’ Gen. The first-generation students are also resurrected.

First-generation students make up half of UNM’s student body. In March of 2022, UNM was also announced a first generation Manufacturing Institution by the Center for First-Gen Student Success.

UNM Student Affairs invites first-generation students to show their pride on this anniversary, via social media or in person on campus with a “first-gen” shirt. They are also encouraged to use the hashtag #unmiamfirst across platforms.

If you’re a first-generation student who hasn’t received a shirt, you can do so Click here for the link.

Hear the stories of first generation students and learn more about what makes UNM “first gen proud” by heading online.

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