UScellular uncovers connections to smartphones among different breeds

According to a recent UScellular survey[1] To uncover usage trends, attitudes and habits of Gen Z and millennial smartphone consumers, the age when kids get their first phone is holding steady. Both parents and non-parents think, on average, that a 13 year old is a suitable age for a child to have their first phone.

From the survey, about 9 out of 10 parents reported monitoring their child’s phone usage, with app usage (85 percent) and time spent on the phone (68 percent) as the most commonly monitored areas. Consistent with monitoring usage, 74 percent of parents are talking to their children about their app usage and safe web browsing. UScellular recognizes this need to help parents and kids navigate how they use their smartphones and has a variety of helpful resources at

Here are some of the data points that came out of this year’s survey:

Phones bring value to consumers’ lives, but some have concerns

Over half of consumers say that their phone enhances their life.

o Many say they would not take pictures / videos (60 percent) or stay in touch with friends / family (58 percent).

o When asked what they would not be able to do without their phone, 32 percent said they would not be able to pay for things, 25 percent would not do work / homework and 19% would not be able to cook or prepare meals.

Thirty-one percent expressed concern for their financial information if they lost their phones given their reliance on them for finances.

Thirty-two percent of respondents expressed that they could use some time apart from their phones and 28 percent) wishing they were less dependent on them.

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