‘We do not have 30 per cent of facilities available to England club cricketers’ | Cricket

A number of Pakistan cricketers took part in this year County Championships, and following the end of their side’s series against West Indies, the players returned to England to take part in the T20 Blast. One of the Pakistan stars who is currently playing in the Blast is pacer Naseem Shah, who is representing Gloucestershire. Shah also had a County stint with the side, but was forced to miss the initial few games due to an injury.

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In the ongoing T20 Blast, the 19-year-old has played in three matches for Gloucestershire, taking five wickets. Shah has now opened up on his time in England and revealed that there is a stark difference in the facilities at the club level in England as compared to Pakistan.

“I think we do not even have 30 per cent of the facilities that are available to club cricketers here in England. I know where I’ve come from, I started playing cricket with a tape ball, and when I see the cricketers playing here, it’s completely different, ”Shah told Cricket Pakistan in an interview.

“Here, when I play a club match and I see the ground and facilities, I think, ‘wow, these guys are so lucky. They have so many facilities’. ”

The Pakistan speedster further added that while cities like Lahore and Karachi have good facilities, other places are in a dire need for improvement.

“When we look at our cricket, most players come from places where it is difficult to avail facilities. In places like Lahore, Karachi, there are good arrangements. But from where I belong, there was no cricket ground. You could not play cricket with a hard ball. “Even if Pakistan can have a small percentage of facilities available in England, you will see many more cricketers coming from our country,” Shah further said.

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