Werner reveals effect of Abramovich sanctions on Chelsea

Timo Werner has revealed that the Chelsea players were forced to save money after the UK government imposed sanctions on the club’s owner Roman Abramovich.

The German forward explained what kind of changes did the players experience in their day-to-day after it was announced that Abramovich‘s assets were frozen.

“For example, our bags and stuff had to be out of our rooms by 11am when we had a Champions League game where before our bags could stay in the room for as long as we stay in the room,” Werner told The Mirror.

“It was little things which were a bit funny. Not things to worry about.

“We felt we could not come to the game with two buses anymore, we had to be a bit closer together, we had to save money at some points which is different to what we were used to in the hotel and somewhere else.

“Of course, we heard a lot in the press and the media. What’s going on, who is the new owner, what happens if we do not find a new owner.

“I think the club did a very good job of keeping everything away from us as much as possible.”

Paying for tickets

Meanwhile, Chelsea players and coaching staff paid the tickets for the club’s academy products and families to attend the FA Cup final against Liverpool on Saturday.

“That’s what we did,” Tuchel confirmed in the press conference ahead of the game against the Reds.

“It’s a big competition. It’s one club. Normally the club would buy these tickets to provide it for the players’ parents of the academy so we stepped in and bought the tickets for them.”


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