What would it take to bring an indoor sports complex to Fort Smith?

Fort Smith officials are examining the feasibility of building an indoor sports complex in the city.

The city used a grant to pay Conventions, Sports & Leisure International to conduct a study examining what having an indoor sports complex would look like in Fort Smith, said Tim Jacobsen, the executive director of advertising and pomotions in the city.

The study found that it would cost $ 31.2 million to build such a complex. Researchers also projected that the complex would have an annual economic output of $ 42.4 million.

The complex would host weekend tournaments, drawing visitors who would spend money on items such as hotels and restaurants to Fort Smith. It would also allow Fort Smith residents to use it recreationally during the week.

“I think it would be awesome,” Director Neal Martin said. “It would be great to have. The challenge with anything like that is how do we pay for it? ”

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