wordle: Wordle # 369 for June 23rd: Check these hints and clues to get the answer for today’s word game

During the pandemic, there has been a sudden rise in the Wordle puzzle game. Josh Wardle invented the game, becoming pretty addictive for millions of players worldwide. The game does not need extra software or an app. In this game, you need to guess a word correctly which is already selected. You can make random word predictions or take the given hints. Wordle gives a new word every midnight, and you have six attempts to guess the right word. The answer for Wordle 369 for June 23rd is here to help you.

June 23rd, Wordle answer

The June 23rd Wordle answer is AWFUL. We define awful as something unpleasant or very bad.

How can you play the Wordle game?

It would be best if you guessed the five-letter word displayed on your screen, and you have six chances to guess the correct answer.

If you enter the wrong letter, your chance will go gray.

If you enter the correct letter in the wrong place, then it will turn yellow.

Only if you enter the correct letter in the right place will it be green.

Answers would never be in plurals.

In a word, you could use a letter two or even three times.

Share the result after you have used all your attempts to guess the correct word.

Where to play the game?

There is no Wordle app, so that you can play it on a web browser. You can go to The New York times website to play the game. The Wordle website originally hosted the game, but The New York Times eventually bought it. One of the best things about this game is that you don’t face any interruption because of ads, so your entire focus can be on the game.

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