Xi’s Wolf-warriors face a long winter ahead

Chinese President Xijinping’s ease with geopolitical and national experiments have hit a bric-wall of limping economy, uproarious Shanghai lockdowns, and swelling ranks among the party cadres.

Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) ability, therefore, to hold the grand-bargain of prosperity and stability seems to have run into a rough patch, rocking the hopes for a peaceful-transition into Xi jinping’s ahistorical third Presidency at the upcoming year-end party congress.

Xi’s statecraft dominated agenda has contrasted all along with Premier Li Keqiang’s social-economic agenda since the very beginning. A predictable economic performance had been the bedrock for Xi to indulge in geopolitical fireworks upon, a task passed conveniently over to

Li’s experienced hands.

Party’s steady encroachments into governance and State’s-domain has progressively eroded the ability to craft a nimble socio-economic agenda. Party-ideologues, theoreticians, and millennial-campaigns have shortchanged daily-bread matters to the grand-narratives of Vision-2035, 2049 in an expansive self-belief images.

The tendency to side-track naysayers has hurt inner-party consultative mechanisms. Stacking the politburo with favorites, likewise, has further rendered it less prepared to deal with challenges from pandemics to festering social-discontent.

Strong-arm mass-campaigns have been common in CCP’s history in the run-up to leadership switchovers. Much that plays out at the ballots in democracies, transpires within the walled-portals and hallways of the middle-kingdom. Xi’s abandonment of once-favorite global-theater, presumably on Covid grounds, in this light, for well over a year now, betrays a lack of confidence at the party-solidarity erupting at seams ahead of November’s Party Congress.

High-handed Shanghai-lockdown, at its economic-peril, matched with asocial parallels in Uighur-dominated Xinjiang, in Hong Kong earlier, and at the Taiwan-strait further testify to a leadership cocooning itself increasingly to the comforts of hallowed walls and rambling pillars.

With Premier Li Keqiang’s imminent departure, Party’s ability to navigate governance issues and factoring of social agenda and economic-priorities into the China-dream will determine the course china takes post the November party congress.


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