Yankees’ Matt Carpenter Gets Emotional When Talking About St. Louis Return

Before his first series in St. Louis since leaving the Cardinals, Yankees slugger Matt Carpenter got emotional revealing how much his family is excited to return, especially his five-year-old son.

“Depending on the day, he tells his buddies he’s a Cardinal or a Yankee, he doesn’t know,” Carpenter said. “When we told them last week we were coming to St. Louis, they were pretty excited.”

At that point, Carpenter got choked up and had to take a moment and collect himself.

Up until this year, Carpenter had played his entire career with the Cardinals, making his major league debut in 2011, the same year St. Louis won the World Series, and played his final game with the team last year. He peaked from ’12 to ’18, making three All-Star games and hitting over 20 home runs in four years. He also led the major leagues with 199 hits in ’13.


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